Stefania Rosiello

My name is Stefania Rosiello and I was born in Rome in 1977. I approached photography as an art form in adulthood. From 2013 I begin to experiment with photographic techniques such as light painting and double exposure. First using myself as the only subject and shooting in the privacy of my apartment. In this period, photography was a form of catharsis for me that helped me overcome inner barriers that have “suffocated” me for years. Thus exposing the most intimate parts of my inner self.

In 2014 I opened a blog where I collected my shots combined with original thoughts and poems. In July 2015 I decided to do more for myself and I decided to exhibit some of mine photos at the Flyer Art Gallery in Rome. Always in 2015 there were my first personal exhibition at Buonvicino during the Pollino Festival 2015 organized by the Skidros Association. Since then I have exhibited in several group exhibitions in Rome, Malaga, Basel, New York, London and Copenhagen.
Using the double exposure technique I try to tell how an inanimate object inserted in an urban context, in which the life of people flows regardless of the context that surrounds them, almost imperceptibly but incisively influences their experience.

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